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In-stock, popular hard to find items, produced in limited quantities, mostly sold-out from original manufacturers; or out-of-production, or considered "retired".

Many of these steadily increase in value, so the pricing that you see today could quite possibly change tomorrow.

Note (for some Sideshow Distributed products): U.S. Shipping cost is based on the weight of the product and its shipping carton size. The Shipping Weight shown for some products is based on the Dimensional Weight from Sideshow's web site for that product. Dimensional Weight takes into account both the weight of the product and it's shipping carton size. The product may be considered "over-sized"', and therefore the shipping cost is higher than would be based on just the weight of the product and it's carton.
Those products using Dimensional Weight will be indicated as such in the product's description.

Note: Because of the high-cost of insurance and past problems shipping high-value, "porcelain-type" statues out of the country, we will NOT SHIP those type of products outside of the US. This generally does not apply to our "posable figures".
- This is also the case for non-US customers who ask us to ship to a "non-confirmed" US address !!
- Any order placed by non-US customers for high-value, "porcelain-type" statues will be canceled !! Sorry to disappoint our non-US customers.
- Check each individual product's description in this category, to see if we will NOT SHIP that product outside of the US.

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